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André Kertész
Meudon, Paris, 1928
[via Le Clown Lyrique]


André Kertész

Meudon, Paris, 1928

[via Le Clown Lyrique]

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Smashing Pumpkins, Tonight Tonight

Smashing Pumpkins, In the Arms of Sleep


Fui tuo, fosti mia. Che più? Insieme facemmo un angolo di strada dove l’amore passò.Pablo Neruda


Fui tuo, fosti mia. 
Che più? 
Insieme facemmo 
un angolo di strada 
dove l’amore passò.

Pablo Neruda

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Curved Crease Origami Sculptures Called The Destructors

by Erik and Martin Demaine

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Today I have already:
- solved a problem,
- seen something new,
- bought something I wished for since a long time,
- talked to someone important,
- done something useful…
Welcome 2014!!!

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